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Thank you for making the effort to find out about Baptism in this parish. To have a child is a wonderful joy and an amazing responsibility. We feel sure that you want to do the very best for your child. As a community we wish to help in the important task of handing on the faith to your child. It is not easy being a parent and teaching children about Jesus and his Church. Yet, we do not do this alone, as Catholics, we are a community, we are here to help and support each other.

To help you prepare, we will provide you with a useful publication “Your Baby’s Baptism” and a leaflet about being a Godparent. You will also be asked to attend a preparation course, prior to the baptism. These normally take place in the presbytery.

Baptism is only the beginning

When your child is baptised, he or she is called to be a disciple of Jesus. The child is given the gift of the Holy Spirit and becomes a member of the Church. The gifts, given in baptism, need nurturing by your prayers, your example of faith in the home and by your participation in the parish community. The parish community comes together each week to celebrate the Mass. In saying that you want your child baptised, you are saying that you want them to be a part of this faith community and to worship with us.

Naming your child

It has been the long established practice of Christians to name their children after one of the saints or the characters of the Bible. It is lovely for children to celebrate their patron saint’s day. Also children find it comforting to know that their saint is praying for them and supporting them. Have you considered a Christian Name?


  • These must be sufficiently mature to understand their role.
  • A baptised, confirmed and practicing Catholic.
  • An example of committed Christian living.
  • Someone you will retain contact with over the years.

Members of other Christian churches may stand as a witness to the baptism. One Godparent is sufficient, but you may choose more. Many people have two or three.

Members of the Parish

Families asking for baptism will normally live within the parish and be a regular and established member of our worshipping community. Other circumstances can be considered for Catholics who live and/or worship elsewhere and have a good reason for having their child baptised here.
In this situation the written permission of their local parish priest will be required.

The Celebration of the Baptism

Baptisms will be celebrated on the last Sunday of the two months following the preparation sessions. They will take place at St Mary Magdalene’s at 12:30pm (and 2pm if there is extra demand). As we are a community, your child’s baptism will take place alongside other children and families. Sacraments are not to be seen as a private family matter, they are public signs of faith.



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