The RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) seeks to assist adults who are non-baptised and wish to become Catholic Christians, through a process of enquiry and catechesis.  Most people go on to Baptism and full reception into the Catholic Church.

It also enables Christians of other Denominations who are seeking to discover more about the Catholic Faith to explore the faith, belief and worship of a Catholic Christian, with the aim of being received into full communion with the Catholic Church.  

The applicant should normally have made some initial enquiries and attempt to involve them self in the life of the Parish.  The process is not just an academic exercise, but a spiritual one which involves seeking to become a member of the church through active participation.

Most applicants will find a sponsor who is a confirmed and practicing member of the Parish community and will be able to assist them on their journey of faith.

The catechetical sessions are run by a team of catechists who seek to:

  • Acknowledge your journey to this point
  • Assist you with the questions or issues you may wish to raise; thus enabling your continued growth in faith
  • Prepare you for a continued growth in faith as a full member of the Church

As the program begins each September, you may wish to begin the journey of discovery in advance and the Priests of catechetical team will be very happy help!



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