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For those who are Baptised and have received their First Holy Communion, one further Sacrament of Initiation enables an individual through their own free choice to make the faith something that they wish to be committed to and to play an active role in.

Confirmation is both a gift and an invitation.

  • The Holy spirit comes to the individual who is anointed with the oil of Chrism
  • It evokes a response in the one who listens to God’s call

When an infant is Baptised the call is issued: ” As Christ was anointed Priest, Prophet and King, so may you live always as a member of his body”. Now the Church community, led by the Bishop, spells out the vocation of “the Confirmed” as you are called into a more mature discipleship with the church community and so complete the Sacrament of Baptism.

Commitment to the faith should be something which is considered prior to embarking on the programme.
During the preparation the following are important:

  • Attendance to Sunday Mass each week*
  • A commitment to the programme
  • Allowing the opportunity to question and seek
  • Respecting others in the group and in the church

*due to COVID-19 the obligation to hear Mass on a Sunday is currently suspended. However, Public Masses have resumed and there are 9 Masses (steward dependent) across the week. Hopefully, you will feel able to come to Mass even if it is not, for the time being, quite at the same frequency as before.

If you are in Year 10 or above and wish to receive the Sacrament of confirmation (or at least to find out more) please fill in a Confirmation Application form:

Confirmation Application Form 2020 21

The Priest and catechists are always happy to answer any question you may have, in advance of commencement.

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