We Journey Together

Thank you for taking the effort to find out about Baptism of your child(ren). For various reasons, many children are not always baptised as babies. For parents who are serious about wanting their children baptised (and not merely for Catholic School entry), we, as a parish, offer an enjoyable programme of preparation. As a community we wish to help in the important task of handing on the faith to your child(ren). It is not easy for any parent to teach children about Jesus and his Church on their own. That is why as a community – Catechists, Parishioners and Priests – we strive to help one another on that journey of faith.

To help you along the way we provide many useful resources. You, the parents, are asked to attend the preparation course with your child(ren). The preparation seeks to be supportive and enjoyable with some parts together and also separate time for the parents and the children to work on the theme on their level. We always begin and end the session with a time of prayer.

Baptism is only the beginning

When your child is baptised, he or she is called to be a disciple of Jesus. The child is given the gift of the Holy Spirit and becomes a member of the Church.
The gifts given in Baptism need nurturing by your prayers, your example of faith in your home and by participation in the parish community.
The Parish community comes together each week to celebrate the Mass. In saying that you want your child to be baptised, you are saying that you want them to be a part of this faith community and to worship with us.
Following on from their Baptism is the preparation for First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation. These celebrations are meaningless unless you and your child are a part of the Parish, attending Mass each week.


These should be:

  • Baptised, Confirmed & Practicing Catholics
  • Sufficiently mature to understand their role
  • An example of committed Christian living
  • Someone who will retain contact with your child

One Godparent is sufficient, but you may choose more.

Members of the Parish:

Families asking for Baptism will normally live within the parish, or should be regular and established members of our worshipping community. A period of at least nine months practice is needed to help discern that you and your child feel ready for this period of preparation, during which time you will be offered guidance and support.

At least one parent needs to be a Practicing Catholic for children of this age, as parental support is vital if the faith is to be nurtured and grow within the child (which we hope it will). As well as completing the application form, we invite you to make an appointment to speak with one of the priests.


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