We Journey Together Form

“We Journey Together”

Application for Christian Initiation of Catechetical Aged Children:

Baptism (aged 7-13), Receptions and Holy Communion (aged 9-13)

Baptism: For various reasons, many children are not baptised as infants. For parents who are serious about wanting their children baptised (and not merely for Catholic School entry), we, as a parish, offer an enjoyable programme of preparation. As a community we wish to help in the important task of handing on the faith to your child(ren). In baptism, your child(ren) are called to be a disciple of Christ and receives the gift of the Holy Spirit, becoming a member of the Church of God, and soon after baptism, sometimes even in the same celebration, the life of God is nourished in Holy Communion.

Godparents: these should be baptised, confirmed and practicing Catholics, be sufficiently mature to understand their role, live out a Christian witness and who will maintain contact with your child(ren). One Godparent is enough, but you may choose more.

Reception into full communion with the Catholic Church: for various reason some children are baptised as Christians in other denominations and now the parents (of whom one will already be a Catholic) has discerned that their child(ren) should now be received into full communion with the Catholic Church by a formal act of reception. This course is suitable for your child(ren).

First Holy Communion: Many children make and receive their First Holy Communion around the age of 8 in School Year 3, but this is not always the case. Children who are a bit older (aged 9+ at the start of the programme) may now find the content of the First Holy Communion course insufficient for their needs. Therefore, the We Journey Together Course might be more appropriate as the catechists on this course are well used to tailoring the content to children of various ages.

NB:  For the conferral of these sacraments, at least one parent should be a practicing Catholic, as parental support is vital if the faith is to be nurtured and parents remain the first teacher of their children in the way of faith. If neither parent is Catholic, it would be appropriate for at least one parent to consider their own baptism or reception into the Catholic Faith via the RCIA programme.

Please complete and return form to the Parish Office –

We Journey Together Application Form 2020 – SD

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